PURE BLAZE is the Premier Organic Pre-Roll of the Southwest

The 100% organic certified flower used in PURE BLAZE Pre-Rolls is sourced only from Clean Green Certified® farms. This rigorous certification requires rigorous and continual testing of the environment, soil, cultivation, and harvesting practices.

Organic Matters for People. And the Planet.

We use organic cannabis in our joints because science demonstrates that it’s better for people’s health. Alongside preferences for hormone-free milk and organically-grown produce, people care about the cannabis they smoke. In addition to people, organic farming is better for the planet. It involves less pollution and energy, and benefits local ecosystems. The flower in PURE BLAZE Pre-Rolls is exclusively grown outdoors.

Fact: A recent study by New Frontier Data revealed that indoor cultivation facilities produce 25 times more carbon than outdoor grows. The farm we support also uses living, organic soil, teeming with tiny nematodes, earthworms, and beneficial bacteria. Fact: Soil biodiversity allows carbon to be removed from the atmosphere, slowing the effects of climate change.

PURE BLAZE is Independent and Brave — We Buck Widespread Misconceptions Around Cannabis.

PURE BLAZE takes pride in independence and bravery — we aren’t afraid to buck widespread misconceptions around cannabis. A recent study from the University of Colorado found that THC potency does not actually align with intoxication levels. Rather, psychoactive intensity is driven by a complex blend of cannabinoids and terpenes working in harmony.

Here’s another truth: many believe that indoor-grown cannabis is superior to sungrown. But artificial light produces only very specific light waves, which affects natural growth processes. The sun’s variety of wavelengths create a richer, fuller terpene and cannabinoid concentration.

PURE BLAZE is the Southwest’s 7th Largest Pre-Roll Brand … and Growing.

People love pre-rolls for their ease and accessibility; they’re perfect for on-the-go. But not all pre-rolls are created equal, and none are as sustainably, organically-made as PURE BLAZE. Currently, we are the Southwest’s 7th larger pre-roll brand! With brand awareness and corrections around cannabis’ misconceptions, PURE BLAZE will only continue to grow — of course, with the help of budtenders like you!

PURE BLAZE Gives Back to the Community!

PURE BLAZE has been supporting the community since we started. We proudly support Zuma’s Rescue Ranch and Rave Quarter Horse Farms in Colorado. In New Mexico, we have begun a new partnership with Four Corners Equine Rescue. Follow us on IG for news about volunteering opportunities. A portion of every Pure Blaze sale helps support animals in need. Thank you!

PURE BLAZE Pre-Rolls are Packed with Fresh, Whole Buds — Never Shake!

Once cured, our organic flower is carefully hand-trimmed. PURE BLAZE Pre-Rolls are always made with fresh, whole buds — never shake! After these premium buds are collected, they’re “whipped” for a consistent burn, then packed into all-natural paper.

Our Organic, Full-Spectrum Flower is Slow Cured.

In the fast-paced world of indoor, industrial grow operations, plants can go from harvest to sale in mere days. To rush the process, leftover minerals produced by synthetic fertilizers are “flushed” from the dried plants.

There’s nothing to flush from our full spectrum, organic flower. In addition, we understand that the best buds require proper, patient curing. Our low temp, slow cure process increases the potency of the buds and allows terpenes to develop in complexity.