Cannabis That’s Cultivated and Crafted for the Wild at Heart

Honest grown flower. Handcrafted in small batches, by farmers. Our flower is slow cured for maximum terpene preservation then whipped and rolled for a perfect smoke. Our joints are always made from full flower, never trim or shake.

organic pre-roll

PURE BLAZE Pre-Rolls are Designed to Fit Your Lifestyle.

.5g, 1g and 5pk Minis. We got you.
Our PURE BLAZE Organic Pre-Rolls are built for adventure, just like you.  Whether enjoying a full day of activities, a fun-filled night under the stars, or just chillin’ in your backyard — we’ve got you covered.

New “STAY FRESH” Packaging.
And check out our new packaging for the New Year! Individually wrapped. Oxygen removed. These babies will stay fresher longer. Guaranteed.

PURE BLAZE Pre-Rolls are Handcrafted Using Only 100% Certified Organic Flower.

Our organic flower comes ONLY from Clean Green Certified Farms. This means the flower you smoke in every PURE BLAZE Pre-Roll is held to the same high standards as the USDA.  Our consumers can smoke freely, knowing our process keeps absolutely anything artificial OUT. No hormones, chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Only the best will do.

Clean Green Certified®

The Clean Green Certified Program uses the exact same criteria as the National Organic Program — the only difference is the USDA won’t certify cannabis farms as organic (yet).

Nevertheless, we ensure that our farm follows the strictest practices in organic farming by refusing to use any synthetic fertilizers, choosing instead to cultivate our robust natural soil with microbe-rich teas and organic soil inputs. We rely heavily on nature’s predator insects to keep our crops pest-free, supplemented with a limited use of organic-approved pesticides. We use absolutely no chemicals or additives in our drying, curing, and processing methods, because we know that the old-fashioned way works best. And that’s just the beginning. From seed to smoke, year after year, we stay on our high horse to provide the purest cannabis for the purest pre-rolls — guaranteed.